Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods


‘Lost in the Woods’ the first in a series of adventure books about two Pug dogs Eric and Coco and a six year old girl called Rachel going on various adventures.

Eric & Coco fly away to a cottage for their holidays in their magic car called Mogi. They go for a walk in the countryside and come across a railway track when suddenly a massive train comes along and Coco gets scared because she thinks it’s a dragon and runs off into the woods.

The woods are very dark and full of strange creatures. Luckily though a friendly Owl rescues Coco and takes her to his nest to meet his family of baby Owls. Meanwhile Rachel & Eric are looking everywhere for Coco desperate to rescue her to safety.

Each of our stories carries a moral / message for children to learn from. For example in this book ‘Lost in the Woods’ CoCo gets scared by a train and runs of into the woods and gets lost. Luckily she is rescued but the moral for children is to never wonder off away from your parents / family as there is a lot of badness in the world.

Book Dimensions A4 landscape w29.7cm, H 21cm.

Content 32 page book including front and back covers. The book is beautifully illustrated in full colour with a satin finish.


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