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‘Lost in the Woods’

The first in a series of adventure books about two Pug dogs Eric and Coco and a six year old girl called Rachel going on various adventures.

Eric, Coco and Rachel go on a surprise holiday. Read about their adventure when Coco goes missing and how Eric and Rachel try to find her.

‘Pugs by the Sea’

Eric & Coco go on holiday to the seaside. Pugs don’t usually like cold things especially water however Eric and Coco love paddling in the sea and running away from the waves as they splash onto the beach.

They are happily playing about messing with all sorts of things and Eric the greedy one is trying to eat the seaweed. Eric spots a family nearby and decides to be naughty by getting into their rubber dingy and heads for the water.

Eric has no sense of danger and thinks it is great fun to paddle about on the water not realizing that the sea can be dangerous. Before he knows it he is being swept out to sea. Rachel & Coco are waving and shouting to get his attention but Eric is too busy sunning himself in the dingy.

Rachel, Coco & Eric are now off on a new adventure as Rachel enlists a host of new seaside creatures in order to save Eric.

Release Date: TBC

‘Pugs save Santa’

It’s getting close to Christmas and finding an old rusty bicycle while out on a walk with Eric & Coco Rachel takes it home and puts it next to Mogi their families magic car in the garage.

The next morning When Rachel wakes up and goes to look in the garage she finds the rusty old bicycle has transformed into a brand new bicycle. She cycles off through the snow with Eric & Coco both sitting in the front basket on the handle bars when suddenly the bicycle climbs up into the sky and is flying just like their magic car.

The bicycle takes them on a magic journey around the world visiting famous cities and places like the pyramids in Egypt. As they near the end of the journey they go to Lapland to visit Santa Clause to see if he might have any presents for them.

While helping Santa to load his sleigh some very bad bears try to steal the presents. Can Eric, Coco and Rachel come to the rescue and save them?

Release Date: TBC

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