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The Pugs

Eric the Pug

Eric was born in North London into a family of five brothers and three sisters. He quickly moved to the Midlands and became the pet and great friends of a little 6 year old girl called Rachel. Eric likes eating and is very fond of food.

Eric loves to get out and about especially in parks and fields. He likes nothing more than ‘grumaging’ about in hedges and bushes.
(Grumaging is where Eric sniffs around rummaging for stuff (that he thinks maybe he can eat) while at the same time making grunting noises of happiness. Eric also likes to have a good sleep after his food and makes loud snoring noises.

Eric is very affectionate and follows you everywhere. When Julie is kneeling down doing the garden Eric likes nothing else but to nuzzle in and start digging as well. He also likes to find a sunny spot in the morning and chills out. Eric doesn’t do much running he prefers to plod along and when it’s hot he gets tired and we sometimes have to pick him up and carry him home. At night he likes nothing better than to sleep on the top of the back of the settee.



Coco the Pug

CoCo was born in the Midlands and was one of five puppies.

She was adopted by Rachel’s family and became great friends with Eric. They became inseparable and she always follows Eric around wherever he goes.

When CoCo becomes excited she spins round and round as if she is chasing her tail. While spinning round she also screeches and this annoys Eric a bit.

CoCo adores sleeping especially on cushions and unlike Eric she is a bundle of energy zooming round at high speed. She is more adventurous than Eric and she loves handbags.

Whenever anybody puts down a handbag she will go over to it and pick it up by the handle in her mouth and then parade around as if she is going shopping! She is a proper little diva.

CoCo also sleeps on the top of the back of the settee but at the other end to Eric.

The Story of The Pug Adventures Authors, Illustrator and Characters…

Angus & Julie Lees - Authors

Angus and Julie Lees had ideas several years ago to write books for children. Julie was a Teacher and Angus worked in business.

Julie’s initial idea was to create illustrated ‘life skills’ books around cooking and food preparation but make them illustrated because she felt the ones that she had used in schools were not very good.

Matthew Lees - Illustrator

Matthew their eldest son was very artistic and went to University to do a Degree in illustration and design. Matt also did lots of illustrations for friends and family and also had the idea of creating an illustrated book.

Matthew got his degree but then moved to live and work in London. Julie several years later retired from teaching and Angus had set up his own business. Nothing much happened for several years.

Eric & Coco

Then in 2016 Matthew moved back to live in the Midlands and this seemed the ideal time to start a book. Ideas had been bubbling around and having had two Pug dogs as pets (Eric and CoCo) and because of their wacky characteristics, the Pugs that is, it seemed so obvious to create a series of adventures around Eric and CoCo based on the many real life happenings in their lives.

The Pug Adventures is born!

So the Pug Adventures were created, illustrated children’s books aimed at 5 to 11 year olds and based on two real life characters plus Angus and Julie’s daughter Rachel when she was about 6 years old. (Rachel is actually 28 now).

Many of the scenes in the books came from real life experiences while the pugs were on walks by the steam railway or away on holiday by the sea side for example.

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